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Card Order Run
June 24th 2006

        Hats off to the BB&WRR for another fantastic meet! Arrivals began at Friday by noon and were quickly unloaded with excellent ramp set up and plenty of folks to help. We had plenty of time to get some throttle time in until 11 o'clock P.M.  The next morning began with a large Country Breakfast buffet provided by Capt. Boots at 7:30 A.M.  A detailed briefing was conducted by Capt. Boots and crews were assigned to engines. Thanks to the many members of the Ocala Model railroaders we had plenty of Conductors and Brakemen to handle the trains. The Steamers, Diesels, & Crews were ready to begin at 10:00 sharp with the departure of the passenger express! Six different trains were dispatched at on time with Capt. Boots at the helm. Five Crews were local freight assignments and one train as the passenger express that was never late! The card order run continued until 5:00P.M. with a full course dinner prepared & provided by Bob & Bev Kiser. Many hungry train crews enjoyed the never ending supply of fried Gator tail, shrimp, frog legs, tatter tots, chicken fingers, crab cakes, and cold salads to compliment the meal. Thank you Bob & Bev!
         After dinner the fun continued until 10:00 that night. The evening came to a close with Paul Edled (guest of Rob Fivey) setting up a power point projector onto a 10' X 10' sheet. All the gang sat around the screen watching footage taken of the day's events and follies. Many comments from the peanut gallery were added making for a fun time. Bob Fivey also brought documentaries on Great Northern steam archives and other documentaries. It was a valuable learning experience for me and the Quad Squad. the passenger schedule was carefully timed to be easy to keep. All the freight and consist to be switched were in their respected yards and each clip board giving clear assignments. It is obvious the amount of time and effort put into the planning of these runs and I highly suggest attending one. TooT TooT to the BB&WRR for an outstanding card order run!
                                                                                Heather Dessoye

Tom Rose
Winter meet

Fantastic! The Trains are just great but the people make it. I have never felt more welcomed. I will be back. Thanks

Geran Miller
Winter meet

I had a better time than last year which was great! Thanks for having us.

David Barfield
Winter meet
 If you didn't come to Capt. Boots you don't know what a great time we all had. What a way to start off the winter meet. Plenty of people, conversation,train running,and great, greatfood cooked up by Bob & Bev. At night around the camp fire we all talked, told of wild tales with lots of laughing. What a week. If you didn't come you missed the most fun you can have for free. Capt. Boots is a great host.

Dick & Judy Tomlinson
Winter meet

Drive thru transfertable is great, track has improved with the way it is layed out. You did a fantastic job dispatching. Yard at ocala works well. Motorized transfertable would help also steel bridge for real trucks that are to high.
Fire and response from everyone worked well. A big help. People with shovels and dirt on fire was more effective than water.

John, I love the place where the train goes under the tree whose branches reach the ground.

LaVay Sheldon
Winter meet

Enjoyed the track & hospitality.& warm fire.

Fred Veenschoten
Winter meet

Great track, fun people, I'll be back. 

Lutz & Pam Braun
Winter meet

Cold weather! But eveything and every body is first class!

Bill & Susan Matson
Winter meet 2007

My quote:
What a blast it was operating at the BB&W during the 2007 winter meet. The new track, the rearrangement of the right of way took a nice track and made it great. With so much track, so many different areas, and such a diverse topography( for Florida anyway!) there was so much to see. the signal  system made it easy to avoid running into on coming traffic. The radio dispatching of trains was the closest I have seen of prototypical operation. There is enough track that you spend no time playing "follow the leader" I plan to be back next year. Can I reserve a camping spot now? Bill & Susan Matson - Charlotte, NC - Newell and Rocky River Railroad 

I cannot describe the absolutely wonderful time Cathy and I had at your place this last weekend! Your hospitality is without equal. I enjoyed the time socializing and well as the time spent on your great track. I learned a bit about operations and look forward to making it down again to learn some more. Only had an opportunity to "take" from you this time, but in the future plan to contribute some time, effort and other resources.
Thanks again.

Regards, aj and Cathy 


Henry and I wanted you to know what a wounderful time we had at your place last weekend. Since I grew up in Orlando
and had many relatives in the Ocala area,I felt like I had "come home". I can honestly say this was one of the most enjoyable
train meets I've been to in the last 35 years.

Our son Stephen and daughter Amy grew up traveling all over the Southeast attending train meets with our diesel. Seeing
our three year old grandson, Brennan, helping his grandpa fire up the steam engine was one of the highlights of our weekend.

Thank you for having us and we look forward to seeing you again very soon



Well Capt. You did it again! We had a wounderfull time at the BB&WRR Feb Meet. The food was wounderfull, the company was
heartwarming, the hospitality was gracious, and the railroading was fabulous!!!! What a crew up their. The track was a wonderful
ride andthe organization made everything run smoothly. I find it relaxing to know that I can haul a trailer, 7 yr old Quadruplets,
and one14ry old rent-a-kid all the way from Ft. Lauderdale and know that I will be OK at the BB&WRR.  The loading
ramp is set up soo easy even a "Blond Chick" can operate it. Although there is always someone kind enough to ask if I need help.
My family looks forward to coming to the BB&WRR meets because of the Warm atmosphere, "railroad seminars" and educational
talks around the camp fire, and the positive influence on my children, I realize that I take a lot patience to teach 7 yr olds, believe me! But theyalways receive a memorable and positive influential expwriance at the BB&WRR thanks to the attendees
and the host. I think all the special railroaders that have become mentors to the Quads at the BB&WRR. Ray, george, Larry,
Bob & Bev THANK YOU> And a special thanks to yoy capt. John. I receive many compliments on the Quads and how  well behaved they are and what fine engineers they have become. But I would not be truthful if I did not give credit to all that have
contributed to their developing personalities. This hobby and the people in it have made them, and will continue to make them,
outstanding individuals. THIS is why we enjoy this hobby! Thank you for making it all possible BB&WRR

                                                                                                                          Mike & Heather Dessoye
                                                                                                                         & The Quad Squad!!


Last week

Hi John,

 Thanks again for hosting the winter meet. Keith Denton and i had a marvelous time riding the fire truck and making new friends.
Your track plan is the most interesting one i have ever ridden, including Train Mountain. i look forward to making the trip again, maybe this time for a card order session. Larry Zauder


Thanks for the event!

Captain Boots,
  Just wanted to let you know that me and my dad attended your 2-16-08 meet and it was one of the best times I have ever had.
Everyone was really great about answering questions and made us feel welcome even though it was a semi private event. I
just wanted to let you know that I am a free lance photographer and I have a lot of great shots and if you would like a copy of them I will send them to you free of charge to do with what ever you please, the only thing I ask is if you do use them you just give me recognition for taking the pictures. Just wanted to say also that the whole operation was very impressive and I have never seen so much craftsmanship in one place before.
Thanks again and I will be attending the next one I can!!

Brian A. Woods
Nitro Photography

Jim White
Green Cove Springs, FL

Enjoyed as always. Appreciate the addition of new call in signs for those of us who don't frequent your track. Good running layout. radio dispatched Bi- directional makes it a lot of fun. Thanks for your patience with me at the outset.
Will be back next year.

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