Origins of the BB&WRR

In December of 1997, Jim Bocock and myself (Capt. John Boots) started construction of the Bocock Boots & Western RR on property that we purchased in Coconut Creek, FL, The “Western” comes from the fact that we were west of the Trade Winds & Atlantic RR next door in the county park. 

With the death of my grandparents, my aunt and father inherited the property I grew up on. It had been a thriving citrus farm until the hard freezes in the early eighties killed all the groves of orange trees. My grandfather was already in his seventies and was too old to replant. As a young boy I lived with them and helped my grandfather with groves…hauling irrigation pipe, bush hogging, pulling a disc, and maintaining the farm machinery.

In 2002, my aunt offered to sell me the homestead and most of the lake front property so, with that, I put the home I had in Coconut Creek up for sale and in October of 2003 closed on the farm and moved back home.

The move was monumental to say the least. It required seven 24′ x 8′ x 8′ diesel trucks with seven 16′ tag along trailers and two armies of day laborers at both ends to move the railroad. Construction started immediately in the new location using the new name of Big Boots & Western Railroad. 

In February 2021 we incorporated with the name Big Boots & Western Railroad Co., Inc. This will ensure the railroad will go on after my demise. Presently we have 3.5 miles of track, 140 switch tracks, 5 diamonds and 3 freight yards with future plans for expansion.